Garage Door Spring Repair

Torsion springs are the most important part of your garage door; The torsion springs can be replaced or repair. Red Rock Garage Door are expertise on Garage Door springs, garage door spring repair and garage door torsion spring replace in Las Vegas. They have to support a lot of pounds (the garage door and its parts) and provide balance to ensure the door operates smoothly. Torsion springs are also essential to the safety of your garage door — this is why it is critical to be aware of their function and to allow skilled technicians to perform the installation and maintenance on them.

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Typically, torsion springs are seen in pairs, and are mounted on both sides of a metal shaft on the top portion of your garage door. Even though designs and systems may differ, the concept is the same: When the door opens and closes, these springs provide just the right amount of torque (i.e., the winding and unwinding of tension) to provide balanced movement — when the door closes, the springs wind, and when the door opens, they unwind.

Given the weight of the door and parts the springs support, torsion springs are always loaded with massive force, so it is incredibly important for a skilled Red Rock Garage Door technician to handle their installation and maintenance.


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